This is your Law (2023)
23.794 pages of Spanish Immigration Law

How to categorize a body? This is the question on which the law focuses. The Spanish immigration law determines what a foreign body is and its conditions in order for it to exist in Spanish territory, otherwise, in the eyes of the law, it is a body devoid of identity. In that sense, the law becomes a body that dictates another body, a type of writing that categorizes another type of writing (the migrant body). In the end, it is a law that has been decided by a European body (the one that votes the law) but that is applied to another body, a migrant body.

This is your law - executes an action: overwriting that body (the law) with a black writing, that is, evidencing the specific descriptions of what is supposed to be a migrant body in Spain. Then it is repeated ad nauseam, 23,794 pages, scratched out, one on top of the other, in an attempt to make the law speak.