Dialect (2020-)

The migration crisis of the last decades has provoked a massive movement of people to Southern Europe by different routes outside the European legal regulations. Each state has a immigration law that regulates and controls any person who enters to its territory. Spain, due its geographical proximity to the Maghreb, has a particularly tension with irregular migration across the strait. If a person enters  illegally to a Spanish territory and He or She has not reached the age of majority, the custody and control of the migrant remains in power of the state. The custody and control of this person is implemented in a J.E.M (Refuge Center), an internment building that houses migrants in this condition.

Dialect(From Ancient Greek – dialégesthai, “converse with each other” and -diálektos, “way of speaking”)  is a work developed within a group of teenage migrants who have recently entered in Spanish territory without documentation. In a building designated by the government, the group cohabits permanently and carries out all necessary activities. 

The work includes two parts:

The first one, a photographic series that registers the routine of this group's life. The photographs are elaborated and re-enact in collaboration within the group.

The second part is a three channel video-installation, where an action is performed: To read the first four pages of the immigration Spanish law, that is, in political terms, the institution that regulates and controls the status of migrants.

In the images:
Abdoulaye Ndgue, Monir El Komairi, Hamza Gharnili, Zakaria Mourachid, Habib Houari, Mohamed Reda, Mohamed El Azzaoui, Simo Rifi, Younes Braiki, Abdel Mounaim, Hamza Chabouni, Youssef Elhafidi, Bilal Siasse, Aziz Chinni, Soufiane Nafge, Bader Zbira