The grave is a river. The grave is moving. The graveyard was made for posterity, now is undetermined, in constant change. Does the body remember?. The grave is a river. Those who live above water worship those who were found under the water. Rubbing the surface with their fingertips. Watching those memories disappear with the ripples of the waters. The grave is a river.

    In the 1960s, an armed-conflict began in Colombia between mafias, paramilitary groups and armed guerrillas such as the FARC movement. The war ended in 2016, when the government and the FARC signed an historical peace deal. During the war, bodies of many of the victims killed were often mutilated and then thrown in the Magdalena River: the most important river in Colombia. The official numbers indicate more than 80.000 corpses thrown into the rivers. 

    Fishermen close to the area uses the river to fish and to feed entire villages. For years, these fishermen have found body parts in their nets and brought them out of the water.  Local communities decided to bury and pray for them. They practice religious rituals to gain the favors of the dead. Nowadays, corpses are still emerging from the river.